Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you are not a US Citizen or lawful permanent resident, getting permission from the US government to move to or visit the United States can be a difficult process. Even though an individual may have someone to sponsor them for a green card, or may have a legitimate reason to come for a visit, certain aspects of that person’s background may require them to obtain an immigration waiver before being granted the immigration benefit that they desire. Immigration waivers are not easy to get. Waivers of are offered on a limited basis and are discretionary.

Various waivers exist for certain bans, such as Form I-601 waiver to waive inadmissibility due to visa overstay or unlawful presence and criminal convictions, I-601A stateside waivers, I-212 waivers for prior orders of deportation, I-212H for certain criminal convictions, and I-212(d)(3) for nonimmigrant waivers.