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* Our representation includes the preparation and filing of all necessary applications and documents for your naturalization. We will also personally prepare you for your naturalization interview.


One of the most costly mistakes a lawful permanent resident can make is to put off becoming a U.S. Citizen. Don't commit this grave mistake. Secure your U.S. Citizenship now!

An individual can obtain US citizenship in one of three ways. The vast majority of American citizens obtain their US citizenship by having been born in the United States. The second groups of American citizens are those who are born abroad to at least one American citizen parent. The final group gains their U.S. citizenship through a process called naturalization. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants get U.S. citizenship through naturalization each year.

The journey to U.S. citizenship through naturalization typically begins when a foreign national obtains lawful permanent residence (LPR) in the United States. After a number of years, a green card holder may be eligible to apply for citizenship. Gaining U.S. citizenship will give you rights such as voting in federal elections, holding federal employment, and being able to travel and live outside the U.S. without restriction. Furthermore, U.S. citizens have the added protection of not being deportable upon commission of certain acts or crimes.


5 Reasons to Naturalize Now

  • US citizens are NOT deportable! Certain crimes or illegal activity could get a green card holder deported, whereas a naturalized US citizen will not. If you meet the citizenship requirements but have developed a criminal record since obtaining your green card, contact an immigration attorney to discuss whether it safe for you to apply for citizenship.

  • US citizens can sponsor other immigrants immediately. Currently, the waiting list for green card holders who petition for their spouses to become green card holders is approximately five years. US citizens can sponsor spouses immediately.

  • Travel outside the US for however long you want. A green card holder can lose their green card if they remain outside of the United States for too long. As a US citizen, your travel abroad or your choice to live abroad will be unrestricted.

  • Green card holders cannot vote in federal elections. Only US citizens have the right to vote in federal elections (and most states and local elections).

  • Naturalization processing times are amazingly short right now. Currently, the average time to complete the naturalization process is 4 months. In past years, it was not uncommon to wait up to a year or longer.


Am I Eligible to Naturalize?

  • Statutory Period. If you obtained your residency through a U.S. citizen spouse and you are still married, you must wait three years after you obtain your residency to apply for citizenship. All other applicant’s must wait five years (certain exceptions apply to those who serve or have served in the military);
  • Moral Character. You must have good moral character for the statutory period (3 years if married to a US citizen, five years for all other applicants);
  • Age. Applicant must be 18 years or older.


Once it has been determined that the individual meets the citizenship requirements, he or she may apply for citizenship with USCIS by submitting Form N-400, along with the required documentation and fees. Applicants should have a qualified immigration attorney verify their eligibility since submitting an N-400 application may place certain people at risk for deportation. Having your citizenship application prepared by a qualified naturalization attorney can help prevent such a potentially devastating outcome and reduce delays caused by improperly or incompletely prepared packages. Citizenship Interview

* Naturalization Interview*

Once USCIS deems the citizenship application to be complete, the applicant will be asked to submit fingerprints for a background check and an interview will be scheduled. At the citizenship interview, the applicant will undergo a basic English and U.S. civics exam (although certain elderly or disabled applicants may be able to waive some or all of these requirements). A citizenship lawyer is permitted to attend the citizenship interview with the applicant and is often helpful in advocating for the applicant, especially when there are things in the applicant’s background that may affect the outcome of the case. It is important to be fully prepared for the citizenship interview to avoid denials and re-applications.

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* Our representation includes the preparation and filing of all necessary applications and documents for your naturalization. We will also personally prepare you for your naturalization interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an immigration attorney?

An immigration attorney can assist in filing out the often confusing citizenship application forms. Failure to properly complete the application form could result in immigration officials believing that you misrepresented or lied to them. However, the naturalization application process consists of more than just filing the N400 form. Some applicants do not realize that not only do they not possess the good moral character required of naturalization & citizenship applicants and, by filing the application for citizenship, they will place themselves in danger of being deported and/or losing their green card. A qualified immigration attorney will interview their client thoroughly prior to preparation of the naturalization application package in order to minimize the chances that the client will either be found to not possess good moral character or be deemed deportable and lose their green card.

How long will it take to become naturalized?

If you meet the requirements for naturalization, the process can take 4-8 months.

If I am naturalized, is my child a citizen?

Usually if children are Permanent Residents they can derive citizenship from their naturalized parents. In most cases, your child is a citizen if all of the following are true:
(1) The other parent is also naturalized or
(2) You are the only surviving parent (if the other parent is dead) or

  1. You have legal custody (if you and the other parent are legally separated or divorced.) and, 2. The child was under 18 when the parent(s) naturalized, the child was not married when the parent(s) naturalized; and the child was a Permanent Resident before his or her 18th birthday
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