US Citizenship

An individual can obtain US citizenship in one of three ways. The vast majority of American citizens obtain their US citizenship by having been born in the United States. The second groups of American citizens are those who are born abroad to at least one American citizen parent. The final group gains their U.S. citizenship through a process called naturalization. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants get U.S. citizenship through naturalization each year.

The journey to U.S. citizenship through naturalization typically begins when a foreign national obtains lawful permanent residence (LPR) in the United States. After a number of years, a green card holder may be eligible to apply for citizenship. Gaining U.S. citizenship will give you rights such as voting in federal elections, holding federal employment, and being able to travel and live outside the U.S. without restriction. Furthermore, U.S. citizens have the added protection of not being deportable upon commission of certain acts or crimes.