Renewing Your Deferred Action Status

The initial two-year grants of deferred action for early recipients of DACA are due to expire beginning in September of 2014. Our law firm can handle the DACA renewal process so that eligible individuals can request and receive an extension of their deferred action without suffering from any lapse in their lawful presence or work authorization.

Eligibility For Deferred Action Status

We can begin working on your DACA renewal case today, as USCIS has already released the new dual-use Form I-821D. In order to be eligible to apply for a renewal of their deferred action status, you must have been granted deferred action by USCIS and must have a current period of DACA which is set to expire within the next 5 months.

What Renewed Deferred Action Status Provides

Renewed Deferred Action status will allow you to continue to maintain your work permit, social security card, driver’s license, and the peace of mind knowing you will not be detained, placed into immigration proceedings, or be deported.

It is extremely important to have a qualified immigration attorney complete your renewal application packet to ensure approval. Deferred action cases do not have an appeals process. Don’t risk getting your renewal delayed or even denied.

If you are interested in renewing your deferred action status, contact us today at 855-519-3970.

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