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I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility

Are you subject to the three or ten year ban? We can help!

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* Our representation includes the preparation and submission of all applications and documents necessary to obtain your waiver. This includes a psychological evaluation from a licensed psychologist. We will also schedule consular processing and personally prepare you for your consular interview.


If you are not a US Citizen or lawful permanent resident, getting permission from the US government to move to or visit the United States can be a difficult process. Even though an individual may have someone to sponsor them for a green card, or may have a legitimate reason to come for a visit, certain aspects of that person’s background may require them to obtain an immigration waiver before being granted the immigration benefit that they desire. Immigration waivers are not easy to get. Waivers of inadmissibility are offered on a limited basis and are discretionary. Just because someone meets the minimum requirements for a waiver does not mean that it will be granted. Seeking a waiver of inadmissibility often requires the immigrant to exit the United States and apply for the waiver at a US consulate.

Bars to Admission

Bars to admission can be triggered based on a number of grounds, including:

  • Health Related Grounds - Communicable disease of public health significance, Vaccinations, Physical or Mental Disorders (Alcoholism; DWI; Drug Addiction)
  • Economic Grounds – likely to become a public charge by reason of poverty, insanity, disease, or disability; Certain occupations – health care workers & physicians
  • Criminal Grounds - any crime of moral turpitude, violation of controlled substance or trafficking laws, money laundering, multiple criminal convictions, prostitution, and aggravated felons
  • Illegal Entrants and Immigration Violators - entry without inspection, failure to attend removal proceedings, misrepresentation, false claim to citizenship, human smuggling
  • Unlawful Presence - resulting in 3 and 10 year bars to admissibility
  • Aliens Present After Previous Immigration Violations

Immigrant Waivers (I-601)

An I-601 waiver is an inadmissibility waiver for an intending immigrant. Green card applicants (and those applying for a K-1 or K-3 visa) who are denied the visa either when applying at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad or when adjusting in the US will be given a chance to file an I-601 waiver if their ground of inadmissibility is waivable.

Typical grounds of inadmissibility that can be waived with a 601 waiver include a 212(a)(9) bar for a visa overstay (or for entering without inspection). The 212(a)(9) overstay waiver can be used for both the 3 year bar (visa overstay of less than a year but more than six months) and a 10 year bar (visa overstay of more than a year). Certain criminal grounds of inadmissibility that can be waived with an I-601 waiver pursuant to INA 212(h) include crimes involving moral turpitude and multiple criminal convictions. Further, An I-601 waiver is also available for misrepresentation. Entering or attempting to gain an immigration benefit (such as applying for a visa or applying for admission at the border) using fraud or misrepresentation makes someone inadmissible pursuant to INA 212(a)(6)(c).

Deportation Waivers (I-212)

Depending on the length of time that has passed, a prior deportation order may make a person inadmissible. A deportation waiver is usually filed on Form I-212 for all applicants, whether they are applying for the deportation waiver along with an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant visa.

Nonimmigrant Waivers

Temporary workers or visitors who are inadmissible may file for an I-212(d)(3) waiver either at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad or at a port of entry in the United States. The I-212(d)(3) is normally filed on Form I-192.

Certain Exceptions Exit - Admustment of Status Pursuant to 245(i)

Individuals who had a visa petition filed on their behalf before April 30, 2001 may be except for certain bars to admissibility upon paying a fine.


I-601 Waivers of inadmissibility will waiver your 10-year ban. If your waiver is approved, you will no longer be subject to the 10-year penalty and you will immediately be eligible to apply for immigration benefits.


Who Is Eligible For A Waiver of Inadmissibility?

An applicant will be eligible for a waiver of inadmissibility if the applicant:

  • Has an I-130 approved and has a visa immediately available;
  • Can prove that their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or parent will suffer extreme hardship (note that hardship to children is not considered).


Waiver Procedure

From start to finish, waiver cases typically take approximately 12-18 months to complete. The following steps are involved in a waiver case:

  • File Form I-130;
  • Submit Form DS-260 and Affidavit of Support Documents;
  • Pay AOS/IV fees;
  • Complete Psychological Evaluation;
  • Schedule Immigrant Visa Consular Appointment
  • Attend Immigrant Visa Interview;
  • Submit I-601 Waiver Packet;
  • Obtain Lawful Permanent Residency

¿Porqué ImmigrateFast?

Why Hire ImmigrateFast?

Our immigration attorneys are some of the best. Not only are we experienced and knowledgeable, we are passionate about protecting the rights of immigrants and their families. Unfortunately, most waivers adjudicated by DHS and DOS are based on loose discretionary standards with a wide berth of judgment left to the examining officer. Therefore, preparing a compelling waiver brief with extensive supporting documentation, and knowing how to most effectively present this to U.S. immigration authorities, is absolutely critical to the success of the waiver.

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law. Having represent you will ensure that your case is handled correctly. Anyone can fill out forms; very few are able to correctly analyze an immigration case. Mistakes can be very costly – you may lose time, money, and the opportunity to live securely with your family.

Our attorneys are completely dedicated to the field of immigration, and that has enabled us to become experts. In fact, we have a reputation for successfully handling very complex cases. We have been successful in thousands of cases and have earned an "A" with the Better Business Bureau.

Some other notable reasons are:

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Personal Service. We take our clients seriously. We listen to their concerns and advise them accordingly. We answer phone calls and emails promptly. We treat our clients with the highest level of respect and professionalism.

Hire us, and we will get it right the first time!

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* Our representation includes the preparation and submission of all applications and documents necessary to obtain your waiver. This includes a psychological evaluation from a licensed psychologist. We will also schedule consular processing and personally prepare you for your consular interview.