Jose Gonzalez

Client Intake Specialist

My number one goal is to help every caller find answers to their questions. Everyone calling our firm has a question or problem they would like to resolve. It is our main priority to figure out how to best help an individual. As client intake specialist I am the first point of contact and it is my job to find out whether a caller is eligible for our services. I will walk you through a series of questions specially designed by our attorneys to find out your eligibility.  I will then schedule a meeting either over the phone or in person with one of our attorneys to get you the help you deserve to remedy your immigration issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Favorite part of the job:

It is a delight to know that I can be the first contact point and give comfort to those who are in need of assistance. Nothing is more satisfying than being the first step on your road to a better life.


Advice to clients:

I am here for you.  Ask as many questions as you need.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone in our firm who does.  We are a team working on your behalf.


Charity: Santa Maria Huiramangaro Organization: “Para El Pueblo”

This organization provides assistance to rural towns in Mexico where the citizens struggle to survive. We are able to raise funds and aid them help and improve their economic circumstances while supporting environmental sustainability.



B.S. in Marketing from Westwood College